Deborah Lawrence

Debbie is a self-employed veteran of the construction industry, with 20 years of experience building tract and custom housing. Having grown up in the industry, and being of entrepreneurial spirit, she and her husband started their own custom home building company, in which she did everything from zoning and permitting to design and site management.

Debbie is the proud mother of two children, one of whom is non-verbal and has a diagnosis of autism. Over the past 15 years of caring for her son with autism, Debbie has become highly qualified in advocacy. Additionally, in her efforts to meet her son’s needs, she took it upon herself to attend graduate school classes in applied behavioral analysis, and for many years, acted as a behavioral tech for her son, in an effort to improve his communication skills and provide him with the functional skills to he needs.

Anticipating her son’s future needs, and out of concern for all individuals with I/DD, Debbie’s next goal is to help develop a campus style, I/DD inclusive community in Miami Dade County. Her dream, like that of all parent, is for her son to live a productive, meaningful life, and she intends to create a world where all of that is possible for her son, and all those most vulnerable.

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